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    We share our mothers health,
    the acid that runs through her veins runs through mine,
    the dispair of a blistered heart and a blakened soul,
    a wretch in my stomach for wich i can not escape,
    i use a blade to vent this fustration,
    to watch the blood well up from my wounds.

    i lay here with you,
    and wrap my arms around your body,
    if only to discard my pain,
    you are my soulmate,
    my blade, my reason.

    but i share with you my burden,
    take you to where i dwell,
    i taint your existance,
    until you find it as had to breave as i do.

    but you do not really exist, my soulmate,
    i will never attempt to find you,
    so i can never infect you with my bleak outlook,
    i will always be alone,
    with no hope of the future.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.