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  1. Broken angel

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    All alone I sit and cry
    I wonder why I can't just let myself die

    I lay on my bed
    Covering my head

    The marks he leaves are red
    But inside I'm already dead

    I hope tonight he just falls asleep
    So here in silence I may weep
    Everyday I clean and clean
    But he gets more and more mean

    He comes to my room
    And I feel I'm doomed

    I wish I could run
    Run from what he calls "fun"

    But the torture has just begun
    Sometimes I wish I had his gun

    I wish he was gone
    I wish he had never done wrong

    I wish I could be alone
    Or just run from home

    But home is all I've ever known
    I can never be alone...

    He is always there
    Ready to tear

    And I'm always here
    Full of Tears......
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    aw I'm so sorry for your situation, it's hard when home is a prison instead of a heaven.
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