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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by mdun8140, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. mdun8140

    mdun8140 New Member

    I feel so alone. My boyfriend chose another girl over me. I'm eight months pregnant. Everything has always been my fault. I've always been an outcast. I don't feel loved or wanted. Only thing keeps me going is my son but sometimes that's not enough. I'm tired of feeling dark and lonely
  2. BarryW

    BarryW Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the community. If you spend some time here, I believe you will feel loved and wanted. This group should have some ideas to help you through your hard times. Sending well wishes your way.
  3. moxman

    moxman The "Perfect Life" YouTube channel is neat

    Hello mdun, I am Mox

    Welcome to SF. Thank you for sharing your story, I am sure that was not an easy thing to do. Just know, that when you are here you are safe. No one will harass you or ridicule you in any way. That behavior is not tolerated here. No one will judge you. Everyone here is fighting their own battles. If you get really bored, feel free to read my story below in green. You are not alone in your pain and suffering, Lean on us, let us help you.

    You mention your son. Are you pregnant with him, or is that another child? Do you have any kind of support network you can lean on? I am sure right now, you are going through a very tough time. You are very stressed and very scared.

    Here at SF, we will give you emotional support and lots of hugs.

    Take Care
  4. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Welcome to the forum. YOU are important.
  5. mdun8140

    mdun8140 New Member

    I have a son and pregnant with a daughter
  6. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi and welcome to SF. I am sorry you are feeling so low but please remember you are far from alone. There are other pregnant ladies on here maybe you could relate to them? I am always around if you want a chat. Your son needs you so does your unborn daughter. Please get help from your doctor and see a therapist, that is the best way forward.
  7. moxman

    moxman The "Perfect Life" YouTube channel is neat

    I would love to hear all about them if you don't mind.

    I know right now, you are in a world of pain. I know you are hurting. But sometimes we need to put the pain down, and focus on the good things in our lives.

    Is the daughter's father admitting that it is his daughter? He's not trying to avoid his financial obligations with her?

    I would highly recommend that you get legal help. That would force him to pay his due, with her. Are both children fathered by the same person?

    Do you feel like he is/will be a good father? Do you trust him to take care of your daughter properly? If not that is something else that would need to be worked out.

    I know right now you are heart broken. I am just trying to think of stuff you might want to consider doing, to protect you and your babies well being.

    Please reach out to us, we are here for you.

    Take Care
  8. kvolm2016

    kvolm2016 Member

    This is an excellent place to share your thoughts and feelings and to work toward overcoming the loneliness. You have such an important purpose in life to love, care for and raise your children. I am sorry to hear that your boyfriend has chosen to break your relationship and to cause you this emotional pain. It sounds like there may have been an amount of emotional pain existing in your relationship if you felt like everything was always your fault. Maybe now you can be free of the burden of living with those negative feelings. Do you have someone who can help support you emotionally in the next few weeks as you finish out your pregnancy?
  9. kvolm2016

    kvolm2016 Member

    Hey mdun8140! Thinking of you today and wishing you well. How have the last few days been?
  10. curlyq

    curlyq Active Member

    Thinking of you! You are not alone here. I think most of us understand what it is like to feel tired of feeling dark and lonely. We are here for you.
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