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OK so maybe i should just accept that im not going to b wit the guy i love....the moment i even begin to imagine that i get a knot in my stomach, i dont want to breathe n e longer, i cant even comprehend being alone. Am i really scared of not being with him? Am i just scared of being alone? Or am i frightened that ill never find n e 1 else? Im just so frightened. I thought id b with him forever, and i never doubted that for a second, and now here i am having to re-mould my entire future. i dont want to do it! i cant do it! What can i do?


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In exactly the same situation hun. Never thought for one minute that he wouldnt be there :sad:
I wake up some days and think I've walked into hell and coping with anything (so of course I have enough to cope with to sink a battleship) is such an uphill struggle that I retreat to me bed and laptop and ignore it all.
I know he aint coming back and that even if he did that would be no good, all the trust has been smashed and I can never get it back :sad:
I guess we just have to have faith that it will get easier, that life will at some point have a meaning again. If I didn't hold on to that thought I'd just go under.

Here for you hun if you need an ear.


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I think your mind is a whirl of thoughts and emotions right now. Wait for the storm to die down & things will appear more translucent. In the meantime, don't watch TV, don't look at photos, don't listen to music, eat the right food. Do use the forum! It helped me anyway. All the best.


Get rid of all of his stuff that is still there. He's made the decision, get on with your life and be successful and strong and show him that he's made the wrong decision.

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