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Hello, I have come to a sad realization over the course of a few months that I am alone, I have no one I can call or talk to even if I had to. I feel like I am paralyzed by shyness, there is so much I want to do but i just can't it seems. I was wondering if anyone knows how to I don't know do something about it. Like I sit in a room all day, I go to college and I said that's when it was going to change and meet people, but it just never happened, now I don't even want to do what I went to school for. Well I am pretty much just ranting cause I have no other outlet. shit.
Have you ever tried meds for social anxiety? They really can help. They have helped me tremendously at least.

I was like you, beating myself up for not being more outgoing, but when I started meds I didn't have to force myself to be outgoing, I just wanted to be and it was easier. They definitely didn't make me a social butterfly, but my condition was much improved.
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