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  1. beautifuloblivion

    beautifuloblivion Well-Known Member

    I'm having another breakdown yet again...and as always, it's a little worse than the one before.

    I just feel so alone and worthless and unwanted. Can't stop crying.

    I feel like giving in and taking the pills...the feeling is so overwhelming I'm not sure I can fight it anymore. I can't stop thinking about how alone I am. How easy it's been for everyone to reject me over and over and over again for no reason at all. I've tried so hard to be a good friend...I guess I've failed because no one has ever cared about me in return. My family has fallen apart. I go out on a lot of dates, but I'll never be good enough to be anyone's girlfriend.

    My stupid quasi-boyfriend is sitting ten feet away from me watching the fucking TV and he doesn't ahve a clue that all I want to do right now is fucking get away from him.

    Having him here is just making things worse because it's just another reminder that I'll never be good enough for anyone. I can't tell him to leave because I care about him too much, but I know the truth is the he never cared about me at all, no one ever has and all I want to do is get the fuck out of here forever...

    I can't tell him what's wrong...he would just think I'm crazy and fucked up and he would be right. I'm not even worth saving. All I've ever done is fail at helping people.

    I just want to take the pills... :blub:
  2. I Miss You

    I Miss You Guest

    hun listen to me:you are not worthless and unwanted at all..i am your friend..and i am worried about you..i dont want to see anything bad happen to you...

    you are not alone..i DO care about you..you may not know it now..but i do

    i understand about rejection.its been like that my whole life...telling someone you love them and you care about them..then they hurt you...

    well hon..let me tell you something:YOU are worth it to me...and YOU are worth saving...please dont do this...please stay with me and talk..

    you are on my MSN meesnger list...i hope to see you on it

    you are my friend..i am always here for you...i dont want to lose you
  3. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Hey hun, how are you doing a few days later? Sorry I didn't answer your post when you made it, I have no excuse really, just want you to know that the fact that you are having these feelings proves that you are a very caring person and just looking for what most of us are, someone to love and someone to love us back.

    Doesn't matter if we're poor or rich having a companion to be with us through thick and thin and that cares how we feel is one of the most important needs a person can have. I stopped looking for a girlfriend several years ago and instead rely on the love of my friends, it's not the same as having someone to curl up with at night but it is nonetheless a wonderful feeling to know that another human being gives a damn when you are shedding a tear.

    Just wanted you to know that I give a damn :hug:
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