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Empathy Only Alone


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My childhood best friend has recently celebrated her child's first birthday and posted about it on Facebook.

There were at least 20 other people there. For a 1 year olds party.

I don't even know that many people. I have no extended family, no friends, no social life. I have immediate family which consists of 3 people that I'm not even close to.

This is not me jealous of a 1 year old, in case you were thinking that. This is me seeing everybody that I used to know have huge families and huge social circles. I don't even have someone to share things with, no one to turn to for help.


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I was okay until I created a Facebook - which I only created to see comments on a page for a game.

I deleted Facebook permanently months ago because of this reason. (Making my MH worse/stalking old friends)

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