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  1. Well hello im nathan cheslin im 17 years old and well my life is just really shit. In infant and junior school i was bullied and beat up nearly every day i told the teachers but they didnt belive me i was to high school and got called names every second of the day got beat up sometimes there to and now im at college in my first year i met the girl i came to love and have my happyist times with januery to feb 2007 we lasted. She dumped me the day after valintines day after a 1 month relationship she dumped me because of people who didnt like me (bullies) telling her day after day that i was cheating on her and i didnt care or love her but i did with all my heart i cryed for days this drove me to my first suicide ammept hanging myself from the door didnt work. Then found out i had athurtis turned out ive had it about 8 years but havent noticed it really probs cause im stupid. And now at college i hide away in my hoodie scared to look or speak to anybody i keep thinking everyone is speaking about me and when someone laughs i also think that it must be about me this has caused me to shout at people i dont know and tryed to fight them then i tryed a 3rd time to kill my self with hanging from the door i got some decent rope and i came so close so dam close but it was weak rope and broke i was left with massive cuts around my neck for weeks im really really paranoid as you might be able to tell i cry for no reason i cannot sleep sometimes i strave myself for days i once did for 2 weeks the only thing that kept me alive was injected fluid and now one week ago i find out i have serious major depression just what i needed to know (sacastic) and now im thinking of trying for a 4th time sorry about the spelling mistakes and punnacation thanks for listening.

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    Buddy. I wish I could give you a hug.
    It seriously sucks how a lot of are tormented are there is no one else out there who will help. Everytime I find help, its too fucking far away.
    An example would be this forum. I can only imagine that those who surround you are no help at all. This is usually the case with myself.

    What are you going to college for exactly?
    you pulled yourself through highschool with all that taunting?
    I give you a lot of props. Cause that shit dont lay straight with me.
  3. I just about pulled through it really many times i went crazy missed days sometimes pretending to be sick sometimes i just tryed to fight back against people i just ended up beat up again and i go to college for quilcations in It tech..

  4. I got threw out of college yesterday for being abused to a person in the class i dunno why i did it i just felt right to shout abuse at them they did call me names before but there friends stuck up for them and told the main teacher i have done what i did for no reason and that they are not atall to blame leaveing me defenceless with one TRUE friend i want to die but im scared to scared to do it :( help! :(
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