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  1. im really having a shit time, with everything, my life, me, my gf, with everything. its been going on a couple of months now and i always find myself back here, feeling suicidal and not wanting to be here.

    Today i feel like ive just been thrown over the edge head first. ive had enough. and i mean it. i really needed her tonight. and she left. i pushed her away because thats what im good at doing with people. so its partly my own fault, although i thought she loved me and wouldnt leave me here knowing how i am and how i feel. but she did.

    now im alone and on here. cold and tired and crying and very suicidal. i dnt wanna be alone right now, i need u people so much right now :'( i wanna do it. i just want to be gone. it hurts so much, everyday. inside me and i want it to end. i cant go on like this. ive had enough and whoever said it gets better, lied. cause it doesnt. it never does. it just hurts more.

    i dont think i have long left in this world anymore :( its almost time.
  2. Beattles

    Beattles Well-Known Member

    would you like to tell us what happened love?
    im sorry that your going through a rough time and i do wish you to be safe and well.. i know this wont mean much but at least you know someones thinking of ya
  3. JayJay

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    Hey ! We are here. Please remember that. I certainly understand as you will know. I've just resigned from a place where I like to work just to avoid seeing a girl colleague that has gone off with another bloke . . . and she's supposed to be gay ! End of a job that I loved.

    But you are bigger than this ! You really are. You will come through this I promise. All that you have to do initially is keep looking after yourself and eating properly. Seek out the friends that you have got, including us all here.

    None of us here will ever abandon you, you should know that.

    Stay safe

    JayJay x
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