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  1. Anon9765421

    Anon9765421 Guest

    No one knows my problems anymore. Lost faith is everyone so I pretend to be okay and never talk about my problems. even though some of them are serious and life threatening. It doesn't make sense. I'm more afraid of being hurt, let down, or betrayed and that makes all my serious problems seem small in comparison. rather hold it in a deal with it alone than expect anyone to care. I will still continue to do so and no one will ever know it is me who posted this but I had to let it out.
  2. Nyu

    Nyu Well-Known Member


    you're not alone hun. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm sure there are plenty of people here who'd be glad to help ^^
  3. Anon9765421

    Anon9765421 Guest

    I doubt anyone would care about me here
  4. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    You might be surprised. :hug:
  5. Oak

    Oak Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    on that i agree, i thought so too for a long time. come on in the open and lets talk about it all (you have a name but i will not guess yet have a good idea) you are not alone even if it seems like it at times, its time to learn to trust and see who you can count onto now, who is on your side and who loves you truely. dont despair, you are far from being alone

    recognize me now? you should hun and am on your side
    huggles from granny
  6. Anon9765421

    Anon9765421 Guest

    I don't think anyone here knows who I am or I hope not at least. I know I don't talk to anyone at all anywhere anymore..I mean I am friendly and social at work and all that but I open up to no one about anything and always pretend to be happy. Most of the time I am happy till some of the usual happens in my life. I'm never really good enough in the end and never really accepted. I should shut up my stupid whining. I should be thankful for all I have. Ignore me sorry. I'm a stupid selfish bitch.
  7. sputnik

    sputnik Guest

    I am pretty much at the EXACT same spot. Got shit on my mind, but i feel like i can't tell anyone.. Why am i on here?
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