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  1. Yuck

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    Today I was informed that I am the only virgin among my peers. I am also the only one not on birth control and I'm the only one without a boyfriend. I feel pathetic. Everybody is treating me like a loser. I'm so depressed. I don't want to die, I just don't want to be myself anymore.
  2. cult logic

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    So what if you're the only virgin? It happens when it happens.

    It'd be worse to do it just to do it with someone that didn't mean anything...(not saying you would)

    Big deal if your single. They've security problems if they treat you like less of a human for it.

    Anyway I've been alone my entire fairly short life so far so I can sympathize.

    EDIT: you're 16, so I think it's safe to say you've plenty of time. :)
  3. Avarice

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    I don't think it should matter, really. I'm 19 and I'm still a virgin too; some people don't even lose their virginity until they're well into their 20's. It happens. When you're ready for it, you're ready. You shouldn't do something you'll later regret just because you're feeling lonely. Wait for the right person for you and keep your self-respect. Your friends may all have had sex already, but that isn't to say it was with the right person for them. What does sex matter anyway? I don't get why teenagers are so keen to lose their virginity. For the girl, it hurts the first time anyway, so where's the fun in that? Don't lose your virginity just for the sake of losing it & fitting in. As Fawkes said, you're only 16. You have so much more time to find someone and reach that stage in your relationship. Don't be down about it, look forward to it! You're not pathetic, you're just a kid. Sex and birth control isn't meant for 16 year olds. Be proud that you're being the mature one.