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    SOmetimes i wonder why it is that when i am with my friends, girlfriend, or family, i feel way worse than when i am alone. I just got into a big fight with my girlfriend and now that i am by myself, while i feel shitty, i feel better than i did when i was with peple not but 30 mins ago. its so frustrating that even when people know that you have been depessed and even contemplated suicide on a daily basis, that they can act so uncaring and cold. is this just me or does anyone fel the same? i feel really alone in the feelings i am having right this second.
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    I understand how you feel. Sometimes life outside is so depressing. People say things or do things that trigger some memory or thought...and that makes you want to burry yourself in a room for the rest of the year.
    Yet sometimes I feel alone no matter what is going on. I can be alone, with a friend, with anybody and only feel more alone than I ever have.
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    I am in the same kinda situation, I am so much better when I am alone, although some people think that is when I go down hill but boy are they wrong.
    Being alone is when I feel at peace, when I can actualy get things done. When I am the most creative. Some people just dont get that.
    Just know your not alone in what you are feeling