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I don’t enjoy having no one anymore. I like to travel, it’s the whole reason I packed up my life in Australia and moved to London – so I could travel. And I know I’m “lucky” that I can work and travel and do those sorts of things. But I don’t like travelling alone, and I have zero friends in my life that would / could travel with me – the people that liked to travel I no longer speak to, or they moved home, and the other people never have any money to travel or they have boyfriends or husbands that they’d rather go travel with. I know there’s an option to go alone, but there’s something so unsatisfying about that.

I know this is such a tiny, insignificant issue to be concerned with when others are going through so much, but right now it is just making me feel very very alone, because my thought process spirals - not only do I have no one to travel with (the major thing), but no one to go out on a weekend with, no one to cuddle up to at night, no one to confide in and once I start thinking about that..


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I'm sorry you're feeling so alone, but have you attempted to make new friends, engage in new relationships? easier said than done, but don't give up.


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Yep, I do a class regularly once a week, if I'm invited somewhere even if I only know one other person I will usually go coz you never know what other friends you might meet, and if I'm out I will usually talk to random people and have a joke and a laugh with them. People that I meet travelling I try to keep in touch with and organise further trips, and sometimes it works, but not usually lately. It's not for lack of trying that I don't know many people - I find it VERY hard in London, and I know a lot of other expats say the same.

Thank you for your response :hug:
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