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all of my friends, except for one, either have a significant other or a promising love interest. the only one who doesnt, is, in short, a *****. she hates relationships and rarely has a boyfriend. instead, she sleeps around, but shes conten with that.

then theres me. the only boyfriends ive ever had either cheated on me or used me. i know im not ugly, but im not exactly goreous. and im not skinny, im average weight. i do sports, i sing, i play guitar, im smart, im chill. yet i have yet to find someone who likes me. im tired of being alone, not feeling good enough or anyone. and im tired of the generic responses i get from my friends.

maybe ill just be single forever. and be an old cat lady. or ill just die young. or kill myself. who knows.


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Now here's a thought, maybe the guys you meet aren't good enough for you!
You might also be giving off the desperate vibe which always makes guys run a mile.
Try just being your own pleasant self, chat. flirt, whatever, but without the OMG I need a boyfriend.

I notice you've put "not good enough for anyone" that in itself can be a killer when trying to meet someone.
Start being nice to yourself, treat yourself to a new hairdo, makeup, whatever takes your fancy...but make it something that makes you feel good about yourself.
People are always attracted to confident, self possessed people.
Love yourself and someone will come along. :hug:
What everyone tells me is you have to love yourself first before someone else can love you.

Second your meeting the wrong men. I never been in a relationship so don't take my word as the bible. But when men cheat they are either insecure about themselves, unable to commit, addicted to sex, or something else. The point is these people are not the right one for you.

My problem is people brains are hardwired to be attracted to the best looking guy or girl. I'm not saying I'm ugly, but that's besides the point. That's what we go for, until we get to know the person better. However in my opinion there still has to be some physical attraction. Even if someone who is attracted to someone who most people wouldn't find attractive. Once that is established then I think an emotional attraction can be placed. It's just a matter of preference. A preference most people don't want to except.

Sorry for getting off subject.

---- Steve

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