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I have no one to share things with.you know when you have good news ?
I have no one to tell.i have no one to say well done.
Sometimes getting the news means nothing then.
I go everywhere alone.everything is me going places alone.
All my plans are just me.no one could go on like this.
No one to celebrate with.no one
I wonder why nobody likes me ?
Why does everyone ignore me all the time ?
I would like to know why


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I realise now I depended on my sister for years.
Now she doesnt bother with me.just screams abuse at me.
What did I do to make her hate me ? Shes nothing about my life yet she lives with me.
She even mocked me for being online,the only place I have friends.
How come people like her when she is cruel,nasty,horrible ?
It makes no sense.


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I even feel guilty for posting here.
I cant understand why no matter what I do its not enough for my parents
The better I do the worse they are.
Yet they fawn over the others.even though they acheived nothing.
I feel useless and empty.and unloved
I can read the despair in your words and it's making me feel sad about you.
Don't feel guilty for posting here! Let the members be the one to cheer and cry with, if there's nobody in real life who want to.
Do you have friends or people you know besides the members of your family?


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I have no one.people ignore me outside.this isnt delusional.
I literally have nobody in my life.
Im finding it very hard.i wonder if anyone ever loved me.
I feel disgusting.i couldnt even meet anyone online.
I dont know why.one ex wouldnt go out in public with me.


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holy shit bro. you are there. i am here. we're on the same boat. one giant spheric boat, we're sailing thru the universe. we're alone and i have nothing nice to say to you, but tell you what,... ummm..... huh? wha? damn.....

sorry if that didnt help
hey i want to float along, too

is there room?

starry, you are not alone anymore. you have us, your new family. keep posting, keep sharing. we won't let you down.


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did you know that when you walked into your kitchen today that you have been there, (at the specific point in spacetime fabric) for the first time in your life?
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