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Hi. Want to talk? I feel alone also. I ahvent had one phone call in days from anybody, my phone was out but it is fixed, and still no calls. Somestimes feel that people have had it with me. But we have to do for ourselves I guess, i started cleanning and things like that sometimes makes me feel better to get organized.:bubble:


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had hardly any friends growing up

have no one now

no one to go out with

no one to confide in over a cup of coffee

no one to see, touch, share anything with

fading away - starting to see through myself - gone soon


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You say you are no good - you mean no good with people?
Confide in folk here, PM me if you want.

If you had someone, what would you like to share?


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I am excellent at making coffee, and I will even make some sweets...so you know where I am...A, C, 2, 3, 4, 5, R, N, F...Choose one and you are here...as I said the invitation is always open...J
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afraid to breakdown in front of somebody - losing what little control i have left

falling apart - can feel bits of me breaking off

need to stay away - no collateral damage that way
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