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  1. xan

    xan Chat Buddy

    I haven't written a poem in ages but i used to find it helped, thought i might try again, i know it's not that good i like to write down how i'm feeling at that moment and not to edit it too much.

    I'd sit alone in a crowded room,
    So I'll sit alone in the room i call my own,
    Thinking about not thinking of you,
    You emerge online so I pounce to speak to you,
    Still I'd love to hear each melody of every note in your voice,
    To hear you whisper words like we once did,
    To have you look at me with the eyes I knew so well,
    To feel the way you made me feel, but it shall be no more.

    I knew every inch on you as you did me,
    The spear of love that struck our hearts entwining us,
    Now just a crippled pain within my chest,
    And you just leave, leave me with the vemenous love,
    Once so prosperous now just rots my flesh, my mind, my heart and soul.

    You say that you have news,
    I clench my teeth and wait and listen,
    You tell me what I dread, what i fear,
    You've got someone else in a few short weeks,
    So i sit and stare at the words that cut me,
    Cut me more than any blade ever could.
    Knowing I'll never hear the words I need to hear.
  2. Chase

    Chase Member

    I would just like to say that that is a very beautiful poem you have written there.
  3. You have *tremendous* talent in so exactly expressing your pain... And I'm *so* sorry for your pain...

  4. xan

    xan Chat Buddy

    thank you both, i've not written in a while... just felt like i should... may consider posting some older poems on here at some point...
  5. your poem touches upon a profound subject matter: that fundamental aloneness that each individual exists within. and yet each of us being animated with a primitive life-force within us there must be something fundamental that unites us all, right?

    so this eternal dichotomy between the fundamental aloneness & a fundamental unity between all life forms is something worth contemplating.
    what's the relationship between unity & aloneness, are we mis-balanced towards one extreme ?

  6. xan

    xan Chat Buddy

    But what if you can not feel the primative life force that binds us anymore. We are adapted and made to feel that connection to others around us, but not being able to really feel that anymore makes loneliness such a diverse extreme to our usual nature, making it unbearable.
  7. <echo> ...unbearable


    And by all means keep writing as well as post your older work

  8. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    i love it :heart:
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