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  1. sadangel

    sadangel Active Member

    Sitting in this room,
    people around her talking,
    she stares out of the gloom,
    but no one notices her,
    she is an average girl,
    nothing extra ordinary about her,
    she is dressed like everyone else,
    she is sitting across from a handsome man,
    her husband who is carrying on a conversation,
    she manages to glance at him,
    answering his questions and nodding in agreement,
    she is long gone in her own world,
    she has so much pain in her eyes,
    she looks at her meal of cold fries and half a sandwich,
    she is dreaming of tomorrow when she will be gone,
    she is silently planning her death,
    her husband continues on oblivious,
    how can she tell him she wants to die,
    how can she make him understand her pain,
    she can't even understand it herself,
    he notices she hasn't eaten and he asks her if she is hungry,
    she says yes and quickly shoves a fry in her mouth,
    not tasting it but feeling the cold hardness,
    they leave and he talks the whole way,
    she sits quietly and listens,
    her children greet her with smiles,
    she hugs them close and whispers in their ears,
    Mommy loves you and don't ever forget that,
    she settles down on the couch with her children,
    they snuggle and talk to her,
    she hears but doesn't listen,
    she still feels alone,
    she gets up and gets them ready for bed.
    she tucks them in and kisses them and watches them fall asleep,
    she sits and stares at them quietly,
    she knows this should be their last memory,
    mommy kissed me goodnight,
    she takes a shower and takes her medicine,
    she crawls into bed next to her husband,
    she listens for him to fall asleep,
    when he does she get up,
    she walks into the bathroom and that'\s the end of her pain,
    if only she knew the pain that would start for her family.
    Her family cared and was all around,
    in her mind she was alone.
  2. deathangel101

    deathangel101 Well-Known Member

    sarah that pem was beautiful and i loved it but just remember u gotta stay strong no matter how hard it is
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Unfortunately, many of us know how this feels...but this was so perfectly written...thank you so much for finding the words for us
  4. sadangel

    sadangel Active Member

    You're welcome...It's kind of a story of my last attempt :(
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