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alright, I'm lost

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Where Am I?

so what do I do now? I can't be myself around any of you anymore. Except for one person maybe... But I have to be careful around them too, because I'll end up hurting them otherwise. Just like I always do...

I'm sorry i'm just so lost. Can't speak, drink, eat, sleep or anything anymore... I'm sick of it... And I'm disgusted by myself...


i dunno whats happened, but u can chat to me if ya like
(just not in chat here cos i cant get in!! LOL)
PM me if ya need a friendly ear
You are not a lost cause or hopeless. There is always hope to be found, though it may only be a tiny sliver. Search until you find that glimmer. We are here for you and yes, you can talk to us. I am here if you want to give me a chance. Please take care. You are worth the fight. :hug:
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