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alright im psychotic, what next

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i´ve lost total control with the outside world, my emotions dont fit, i am expressionless, have a disturbed day and night rhytm and cant stop i have retreated as much as i can from the people around me and cant help but echolalia the shit out the words i heard on tv, but what next what should i do, i dont trust the psychologists what can i do order anti-psychotica online, but i dont have any money. it has happened
alright thats it! ive had enough of, im fed up with the world but even more with myself. im tired of living on leftover, im tired of feeling sorry for myself, football season is over, im ankling. patrick is ankling. woohoo!
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hey, I'm sorry that things are so bad right now

you could visit www.befrienders.org for a list of suicide hotlines.

I'm guessing that you had a bad experience with psychologists or psychiatrists. Maybe you could try meeting a few and find one that you like.

I don't think that all people in the mental health field are good. There are a bunch that I think are really bad. But I think that there are some good ones out there, and a lot of people have been helped by them.


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Call for an appointment as you said you would and see what services are available...you have been there before and you said they were helpful...do not give up or scare yourself more than you are already scared...you deserve help...J


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You do need to see someone. It's important that you do make the appointment soon. It's unlikely you are psychotic as if you were you wouldn't be aware that something was wrong. Make an appointment with your GP and get some advice.

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