Always a Catch-22...

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by skyisburning, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. skyisburning

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    My best friend just broke up with her boyfriend of over a year, and a week has barely passed, yet she is already "talking" (I hate that word) to someone new. Now, I'll admit that her previous relationship had been declining for a while, and the new guy is someone who she was already pretty good friends with...but I am so frustrated!

    It is so painful to just have to sit back and watch all of this happen, while I still sit here bitter and alone. Relationships have just never been a part of my life...not by choice, but by coincidence and circumstance, I suppose... I am 20 and have never dated anyone, and it just gets more and more painful to have to listen to all of this shit from her...and the worst part? She talked my ear off for a solid week about his roommate and how I needed to meet him cause he was me reincarnated and blah blah blah... So, I finally met him a few days ago, and he was better than I expected. The catch? He's moving away in a month for boot he doesn't want to date anyone.

    Why? Why can't I just have something work out for once? I know this sounds terribly melodramatic...but I just feel like nothing is ever going to work out, and even if, God forbid, something does eventually work out in the future, I don't have the patience to wait for it. How do I remain content and confident and sane until then?

    Sigh... :depressed
  2. KittyGirl

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    Bah-- some people go from relationship to relationship for their entire lives, you know? Like bees pollinating flowers -____-

    You're just not one of those people.
    Neither am I.
  3. victor

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    what exactly did u mean by catch22?:D is it what im thinkin about?:D
  4. nobody man

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    Ugh... I'm in the same boat sky... Keep your chin up (for the both of us)
  5. skyisburning

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    It's probably not what you're thinking about if you're smiling, haha...a catch-22 is a situation where either outcome is unfavorable...a lose-lose situation... (a.k.a. EVERY SITUATION IN MY LOVE LIFE)
  6. victor

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    there was this club called catch 22, thats why i asked lol
  7. Entoloma43

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    If I were you, I'd be thankful I even had a friend that enjoyed talking to me and sharing her life with you.
  8. Rayne

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    You're 20, you have lots of time to meet new people, theres really no need to worry.
    However I worried about the same things when I was only 14 so I know that you really can't help it.

    Maybe try writing a list of things that prevent you from having a romantic partner, or a list of things that you feel have been lose-lose situations, and work out what you could change to prevent that in future? (for example, maybe you were too shy, wouldn't make the first move.. etc)

    Edit: That isn't really constructive, Entoloma.