Always doing something wrong!

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    well... i did it again, like always.

    2 nights ago, i went to my step sisters grad party, a good time in the beginning. there were blunts to be passed around and stories and memories to be shared. everything was going well, having fun for the first time in months. then i got too serious with a guy... we ended up talking all night, i ended up admitting to him i cut myself. i showed him my cuts, i thought he really cared.

    its two days later, he hasnt called me, i havent heard a word. he said he would keep in contact.

    i trusted somebody for the first time in months, im such a fucking idiot! i just HAD to say something, i freaked him out, i actually wanted to see him again. i ruined this just like every other relationship ive ever had.

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    I wouldn't give up hope yet. He might still call you. maybe he's been busy or something. And plus maybe he's actually nervous to call you. which some guys are like that. well a lot of people are really... male and female. Did you happen to get his number? if you did maybe you should call him.
  3. Probably you should lay off the weed: it can affect your judgment about who to trust and when. Plus, it can affect mood in unpredictable ways, so that you can find yourself serious, an un-serious, at just the wrong times.

    Keep hanging in there. The fact that you were having a good time at all is a good sign: many people are in such a state that they're not capable of that.

    (A question you might ask yourself: Of the times you remember that you've been able to enjoy yourself — is there anything they had in common?)