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    don't you ever feel so angry at yourself?
    like you can never do even one thing extremely well, and its completely your own fault that you can't do it well but at the same time you just...CAN'T do it the best? i'm always doing things halfway, like I used to get really good grades and lately they've dropped so much. I always tell myself shouldn't I look at myself that i'm lucky and that i'm so much better off than so many people, but its so easy to fall into depression. I've gone through the many phases of depression including cutting/suicide and it all just makes me feel worse because I know how selfish i'm being....and how the one to make it all turn around is me...but I just don't know HOW :sigh:
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    Hi and welcome...yes, we are not perfect, in fact, very far from it...I think we have very high goals at times, and fault ourselves when we do not meet them...can you try harder? Of course, we all can...are you valuable and worthy just as you are...yes, of course again...big hugs, J
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    l run forest trails every other day. 9 km up switchback mountain terrain. l have a goal for a particular destination without stopping. l run fast, so l run with only shorts on. l run, not jog. lm athletic and strong. When running l look like a glazed donut from the sweat. l don't know if lm running to, or from something. l run hills that almost kill me. Every muscle swollen accepting every drop of blood my heart is pumping to them..... lm meeting my goals however, lm loosing myself doing so. l run to prevent depression. lm giving you a big hug back. l will be thinking of you when l reach the summit tomorrow.