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    Not sure why, but I have been having really odd dreams lately. It's like scratching on the surface of a memory, or a long forgotten feeling. I hate the prospect of Holiday right now. I want to be with my family, or at least with my closer friends. I kind of wish I didn't harbor this crush on someone that can never return it. I have been sick and tired for the past two weeks. So I legitimately stayed home from school.

    I miss so many people, and my life has felt worse than it does now. But I just...the hardships seem so endless, so pointless. I am afraid no one will ever love me the same way I love them. No one will ever openly admit that they matter to me, as much as I feel like I matter to them. I lie, I hate myself, I smile, I am constantly up and down with my emotions.

    I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and it explains a lot of the stress in my life. My head is always spinning, and even today, while I've been relaxed, I am worried. Always worrying, and hating myself, and loving everyone else.

    I don't know. Don't be concerned if you're reading this post. I just don't know how to feel anymore.
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    Hugs to you hun Are you on any medication to help you with your ADHD if not maybe they could help. I hope you get feeling a little stronger soon and that the holidays are not so full of worry for you hugs
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    you are a really compassionate person, your wording really interests me. "no one will openly admit that they matter to me, as much as I feel like I matter to them". Are you saying the love you output is unbalanced with the love you feel you get back? I think that love for people is a very desirable trait and you should feel proud of that, its a gift.