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Always The Same Nothing Changes

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Mitternacht, May 3, 2009.

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  1. Mitternacht

    Mitternacht Member

    Today i was actually having a good day which for me is a rare thing.
    Anyway a bunch of people started harassing me about my looks.
    Basically saying I'm a retard and i should be locked up etc...
    Its happened to me many a time before but this time i almost snapped.
    For a minute i was afraid i would lose control and hurt someone.
    I just can't take this anymore, i don't even want to go out in public again.
    It seems like everytime I'm out someone make a rude comment on my looks.
    I just don't get it do i really look that bad that i should just go off myself now?.
    I can't take being alone with nobody for much longer its getting to the point where i just hate people period! Maybe i should be locked up last time i was in a psych ward i actually was treated with respect by other people. It makes me just want to OD just to get back there even if i hurt myself in the progress.
  2. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    It's sad but it isnt til most people get older that they realize that looks arent important but rather the person behind them. A few people are able to see that at a young age. But the majority dont and not until they do will they understand how much they are hurting others. Or then again maybe when they do realize they will then have the guilt of what they did years before trouble them.

    Please dont base your life plan on some stupid idiots that dont have the gift to see the real person you are inside. The person that is afraid to hurt others, the person that posts here and is brave enough to reach out for help and support, the person that in turn musters up the courage to try and help others. I dont know you from Joe Blow. But from what you have shown of yourself in your threads and others posts seem like a pretty kind and nonjudging person to me. Yes we all deserve to be respected and treated as equal. But in the real world that isnt necessarily the case. The reality is that the world is full of idiots that are too full of themselves to see the real person on the inside. People that are so unsure of themselves that they have to be cruel to others to make themselves feel good. You are among good people here and they dont judge or try to be cruel. So please I know it is hard but ignore those idiots. Try to get some skills for coping with jerks like that. One day they will grow up and then they have to live with all the torment they caused you and others. Please be safe hun.
  3. Mitternacht

    Mitternacht Member

    I know there's always going to be ones out there who judge me by my looks.
    I just hate always being alone but at the same time it hurts me to see other people enjoying life while I'm standing on the outside looking in.
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