Alyessa's letter (from june)

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Dear, Alyessa
June, 15 2011
I miss you! Even though I visit you’re grave every day I can, even though it’s been 7 weeks since you’re suicide and miss you terribly. Remember? You came up with my nick name Mabelle when we were lil ‘ankle-biters’ you’re words not mine. I still listen to your music bands and I cry with every sad song. You saved me from suicide so yes it’s no wonder I’m lost and depressed. I loved the times you and I had.
The time at the water park in Montréal and the mall in Quebec City those were the best, also the time in Vancouver last year was a blast and visited my home town before heading there, I remember you asking me if I wanted to go. Cause my family lived in working class and you’re lived on inheritance from your grandfather when you were 4.
Although my friends and loved ones are helping through it, nothing compares to wanting to go back in time and stopping you from taking your life.
Although life isn’t the way you and I image it I miss the giggle fits we had and the endless hours of you talking about you’re most resent crush,
even though I hated having to hear it now I actually long for it. You taught me to see the good thing in every problem. Every time I fall into a bad situation, I starting on thinking on positive thing, but as my guilt sets and my depression starts to go back on strongly you should have never left I wish you were here to watch me get better at writing and drawing.

Love your best friend forever
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