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am ı rıght?

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Look people how can ı express my self..........Like this or like that ıts obvious that everyone ın thıs forum is suffering and want to be better however we cant....But death or living _i am a 17 year old boy who just wants to fınd happyness ın life ..But problems just wont go away...My famıly sees me lıke thıs unhappy and they get upsett too...İ DONT WANT ANYONE TO GET UPSET ANYMORE...İ DONT WANT TO LİVE THİS KİND OF LİFE ANYMORE..SAYING THAT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK OR TRYING TO HELP ME AND OTHER PEOPLE LİKE ME WONT DO ANY BETTER...İ can be 17 but ı am muture of thınkıng that if someone wants to die why dont people let them to die......İs living more ımportant then us death!!!!!.....why ?why?why???.....This is not logıcal .........i try i try i try to get better but ı cant...even if i get better...what about other people...EVEN.if ı get better AM I GOING TO FEEL OK WHILE KNOWING THERE ARE LOT OF PEOPLE WHO ARE UNHAPPY..........:((((


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You sound like a very deep thinker who askes a lot of very valid questions. Why indeed should we stay alive when we feel were making others unhappy, or why do we have the right to be happy when there is was and will be so much misery in this world.
I'm not going to tell you everything is going to be alright because it is not for me or you to say that it is if were not sure. I'm hanging on a thread all the time and really only self preservation has kept me alive so far except up until recently when ive just tried to help people. I listen to other people and see how hard they have it and i want to give them the best information i can muster from all my experiences.
Strangely enough i feel happier that i might be helping people rather than just waiting for death.
I advise you to look at the people on this forum and give them the best advice you can think of and ask for advice back. Talk to them and learn from them and they might just show you what makes life worth living. All the best.
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