Am I alone in this?

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    Does anyone else find it strangely comforting to realize that the Earth could be destroyed by an asteroid, rogue planet or black hole with little to no warning? Or that there's still a remote chance that the star WR104 my kill us all with a gamma ray burst? Or that there's still enough nuclear weapons to obliterate the planet 10 times over, and the people in control of them seem less and less mentally stable? Or that with the advancing technology is reaching a point that there's a real chance the internet itself could become self-aware and decide to take over? Or that another solar storm the size of the one we had in 1859 could effectively throw us 200 years back in technology and that it would be 10 year at the bare minimum to recover from it? AND, even if none of that happens, in 5 billion years the sun will expand out into a red giant and the Earth will be destroyed anyway?
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    no. you're not alone in this.

    back in 2012, when they said that the world would end, i actually turned all my stuff off minits before- convinced that my life was finally over

    and when it finally dawned on me that it wasn't the end, i became really depressed. i really believed that that was it
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    Humanity could destroy itself with nukes, or overpopulation and resource depletion could get so bad that life would hardly be worth living. Sometimes I'm glad to be getting older so I won't be around for it. One thing about not having kids is that frankly I don't care all that much. Selfish I know, and I wish I was a happier, more giving and optimistic person but often just getting through the day is hard enough.
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    @emily83 - I've always been a little to pessimistic to believe in those dooms day predictions...seemed too good to be true really. I remember the whole Y2K midnight on NYE that year I stepped out for a cigarette and the fire department in the sleepy little town I was in decided to sound the air raid siren. For a moment I really hoped it was in alert to an incoming missile strike and the predictions were true. Then I remembered that sleepy little towns like to do things like that for NYE in general, lol.

    @islandification - First off, love the nick! Secondly, I kinda feel ya on the no kids things. I'm glad I didn't ever have the desire to have any myself since it'll make it easier when my day finally comes. Until then, one foot in front of the other and try to have some fun along the way.
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    My thoughts exactly.
    I wonder why?
    Suicide is doesn't seem nearly as comforting as the idea of everyone else dying with me...