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Am I an abuser?


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Thank you for your valuable information helping me identify im not like anything you described; l was scared l may become like my abusers; however, the opposite. l still love the babysitter that tortured me... l will hurt any man that injures a woman....... ~Joseph~
Reading that even 3 years after the abuse from my partner made me realise just how much of my daily life i was tormented by him. I now find it so hard to build trust in relationships its making me feel so depressed and alone to the point of where i want to end it all sometimes. I just want to box up the painful past, move to a new area change my identity and start afresh.
this actually really makes me worry. Reading this resembles alot of how Ive been treating my husband. I dont want to treat him this way but where do I turn to stop doing this. Let me just say I would NEVER EVER physically hurt him, but I am VERY controlling, very jealous if he makes plans with me, im incapable of doing things alone, doctors app etc, my self esteem is rock bottom, if he doesnt guess what Im thinking I have told him he doesnt understand me as a person, he calls me Jekl and Hyde, he doesnt know whether hes coming or going, but reading tha made me totally see, when he tells me he wants to leave i break him down, and point out all his flaws, make him feel like he cant cope without me, then BEG him to come home to me, on the surface i knw he is a good husband and father who does anything for me but i cant handle him making a decision for himself, It my own problme not his but what do i do?I dont actually want to be this way I just want a normal balanced relationship


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I have been showing abusive tendencies lately. I am jealous when family members hang out with other family members over me. I've even apologized for feeling jealous because I feel so guilty about being possessive. I have read much about jealousy and possessiveness and even seen episodes on Doctor Phil. I have hit my head against things. I have always had explosive anger issues. I don't take criticism well. I have get in fights with my brother sometimes. I don't have any close relationships. I blame others for problems in my life. It's seriously worrisome.


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i would just like to say thank you for putting this up. i was in 2 abusive relationships and i was starting to think it was my fault because of my actions. reading through this i know is isnt my fault. and it had nothing to do with my actions they were going to find any reason to abuse me weather i reacted or not.

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