Am I Anorexic?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by AceAlone, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. AceAlone

    AceAlone New Member

    I know anorexia is the loss of appetite but anorexia nervosa is when you purposely stop eating. A few months ago, when all the crap hit the fan that then caused the depression and suicide to become a viable option, I stopped eating. Not completely. I still have to force down food when my parents are there but every other time I avoid eating. It's become a habit now and I just don't feel hungry. On top of the insomnia I've begun to lose weight. The loss of weight actually makes me happy so I was wondering whether that makes me anorexic. Am I just stressed? I'm not bothered by it but I'd like to know.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    oNly a doctor can diagnose you hun no one here can do that Depression can cause people to stop eating Talk to your doctor ok get professional advice and help hugs
  3. Moat

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    The fact is that during the time you stopped eating regular meals, you have allowed your stomach to shrink in size, which results in being able to eat less food than you normally would have and thus a lack of appetite and while I would not say that is anorexia (nervosa) it remains that because of certain situations in your life that had led you to turn away from food have given rise to the great potential that you could well develop it one day. Anorexia (nervosa) is a serious eating condition that affects both men and women alike (only you hear more about cases in women because men feel the need to put up a strong masculine front which results in denying any such problems until it becomes a serious problem that requires hospitialisation) so before anything, I would suggest speaking with your G.P about it and what is going on in your life to try and weed out the core problems as to what is possibly affecting you in this way and hopefully you both will be able to nip in the arse before any serious long term effects take hold.
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