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am i anorexic?

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i think i'm becoming one- weird cuz i don't think i'm "that" fat but i don't wnat to be fatter-
i just don't want to eat or try to eat just a bit- i love pizza but after eating a piece i don't want to eat more- i'm just full-

when i'm hungry. i try to hold it the best i can- i don't want to be fat. i'm afraid of getting better- cuz maybe if i don't eat i will be weak enough to die for a cold or something like that

maybe i'm just crazy
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''Am I anorexic?''

Without actually knowing/seeing you I guess that'd be hard to say. Also, we're not psychiatrists. Although, I suggest that you see one.


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as someone who has been diagnosed anorexic in the past (ednos now), you cant determine if you're anorexic without fitting the DSM-IV criteria. (and seeing a professional to actually diagnose you).
starving yourself doesnt mean that you are anorexic, it does mean you're having problems, and the best thing to do would be to talk to someone about them. online or in your life. get it out there. let someone know. dont let it get to the stage where its out of your control. YOU are in control. dont let it get that control from you.
take care. xx
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