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Am i Anorexic?

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I am 27, male and weigh about 15 stone. Not the best start to an "Am i anorexic" thread i know, but bare with me :).

I was ill about a month ago and dropped a few pounds. When i was better i felt good cos i had lost some weight and decided to keep it up, i started exercising and skipping the odd meal and it was great, the weight is falling off, but the last couple of days i havent been eating atall, just been taking multi vits and drinking coffee, it was my mate that said to me that i had to be carefull cos thats how ana gets a hold of you, I laffed it off quoting "nothing tasts as good as thin feels" but today i was looking in the mirror and thinking that i still had a long way to go, and thats when i thought "am i?".Its odd because im not realy worried i have not felt suicidal for ages.

I think when i get down to the way i want to look i can stop, but thats what anorexics say isnt it?
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