Am I asking for too much?

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    Three of my friends attempted to kill themselves last year and I became the lifeline for all of them, staying up late on school nights (sometimes i didn't even get the chance to sleep), making/arranging places for them to stay so they could be away from their home, helping out with homework when they were too depressed to, making extra visits to be there for them, cancelling plans or avoiding situations where i'd have to be away from my phone in order to ensure they could always contact felt like i did everything to act as if I would always be there if they needed me. Yet here I am, depressed and contemplating why i even continue to try anything and they don't offer to even stop playing a video game to let me talk. I understand that they are still in some pain and that they do have issues of their own, yet when I'm crying and texting them and they just say "oh brb gotta play ____ with ____" and leave for a few hurts. It feels like they don't care the same. My best friend is even in this boat, though he lets me complain and vent from time to time, he always manages to push it back to his problems and makes me feel bad for taking time out of his venting time to talk about myself. I just want them to acknowledge that i have problems too and I want to feel like they care enough to sit and listen to me, instead of making me feel out in the corner by myself all the time. Am I asking for too much? Am I missing the point? Or am I overreacting at all? I honestly don't know what to do anymore and everyday the feeling of depression gets worse and worse and having no one i can count on to help me really hurts.
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    YOur friends are not professionals and they cannot support you in the way you need and deserve I am sorry they seem not to care but like you said they have issues they should be looking after themselves You need to take care of YOU ok set boundaries now that you will not be available to them until your health is better you get a professional therapist to help you heal to listen to you and to get other supports set up for you Y OU must come first now ok