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Am I being abused

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If something is not going right for my husband, he gets angry at me, not physical but shouting at me even though I have nothing to do with it. I then get in a mad panic, feeling frightened then I keep saying sorry, which is stupid really but sort of a reaction. He then starts shouting at me more for saying sorry, I get really frightened and tearful. Then he shouts at me for crying, is this abuse.


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Hi Saphire, I'm sorry you're going through this. It sounds like your husband has anger issues, unfortunately you're his target. Emotional abuse hurts just like physical abuse. I think you both might benefit from counselling and resolving the issue. You shouldn't be living in fear from anyone, including your husband. Take care of yourself


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Yes that is abuse hun. You do not have to have a bruise to be abused. He needs to grow the hell up and stop treating you like dirt. Please reach out to someone you trust about this and hopefully with their support you can put an end to this. You deserve better and to be treated better.
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