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Am I being unreasonable

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I am having visits daily from the home treatment team. Now from the moment I was assessed on Friday it was very clear I had a dog but the two visits I have had have been from people who are scared witless by dogs! If you take a job that is all about visiting people at home surely you know you will go to places that have dogs ! If its not bad enough i am in the frame of mind I am now I have the added worry of whether or not the dog will scare them!
The dog is not agressive and would not hurt a fly -he can't catch one. Had he been agressive I would have warned them from the start and made sure he was out of the way.As it is the daft mutt has seperstion anxiety and wont leave mine or my daughters side. He is as screwed up as I am.
Really when your job is going into peoples homes you should not be afraid of anything that might be behind the front door!
Rant over


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I agree, bloody stupid having a fear of dogs when u do home visits.
Oddly enough my son had a home visit and yep the guy who came was scared shitless of dogs....don't think he liked the parrot overly much either, made me think he had more problems than my son :laugh:


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i dont think youre being unreasonable ,its like not being allowed to smoke in your own house while they are there


youll probably get more sense out of your dog anyway


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Thank you. I also want to add to that rant. They sent two men and I am a woman ,I don't think it is good to send two men and especially as they made it clear they thought I had been alone all weekend when I had said I was alone just on Saturday. Had i been alone I would have had to put the dog in another romm where he would have been whimpering and crying and I would have been alone with two strange men when i would have felt safer with the dog with me.I know he hasn't a viscious cell in his body and would be useless if I were attacked but they would not have known that!
Surely in mental health they should understand that many patients/clients have problems with the opposite sex!
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