Am I crazy???

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OK. Maybe I'm just nuts but I am very worried about something and would like some advice.

My husband of 6 years cheated on me with his "first love" while I went out of town to visit relatives. We separated for a few weeks, got back together and then moved out of state over 1000 miles away to get a fresh start.

Its now a year later and yesterday, I got a phone call from a girl/woman asking for him and then she asked who I was. When I told her I was his wife, she hung up. It might have been a coincidence, but it got me thinking because I am going to visit relatives again on Tuesday and really have bad feelings about what happened last time I went away. I did some checking on his "first love" and now she lives about a three hour drive from us!!! Seems to me to be a bit too convenient. I mean what are the odds that this girl would move shortly after we did and that close to us? or am I just going insane??? I would really welcome any comments or advice.
It could be a freaky coincidence. It could be a lot of things. Frankly I'm not too sure... have you tried to talk to your husband about it? Or you could just not say anything as of yet and wait to see what happens... although it really could be anything.



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i would agree with ur instincts. that phone call was ur first solid thing to state something is happenin. don t doubt it. her responce proves it. i would get the number for the call. call ur phione company and request the days numbers say u got a prank that seemed real and scarey or something along thiose lines . then don t go. cancell on ur relatives end and bust him. if that is not feasable. go to future shop and bye small camera or 2 and spy on him put them in appropraite locations. check his email. or phone if u can start watchin out for evidence. or u can just say to him his lover called. see what happens. if u try bluffin hiom out. or just leave to ur realitives and not come back tell him u caught him and he is not worth the fight with his denial. i am so sorry u are goin through this. i know from personal experience the immediate affects and long term and they suck. but stand don t take this shit.
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