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am i crazy

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I am scared all the time about everything. I have this constant fear of death, and i dont know what to do. I either think that i have some disease like cancer, or that someone is going to murder me. i dont know what to do anymore i cant stop being afraid. i have my number to someone a long time ago that i met on yahoo messenger who i didnt know, and i always worry it will come back to haunt me and something terrible will happen. i just dont know what to do.
Am i losing my mind?


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No hun you arent crazy. You're human. Fear is a horrible thing. It can consume you. Especially if you are feeling alone and isolated from someone that can understand. Keep posting. It does help you to confront your fears and knowing that others are here listening, caring, understanding and wanting to help anyway we can, helps you to conquer those fears a little. Do you see a therapist or any other professional? If not, maybe it's time to consider it? Even a counsellor can help. It's good to have someone that is trained to help with situations like yours there so you can vent and get the fears and feelings out. Keep posting hun, you're doing yourself some good :arms:


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No, you're not losing your mind - your just going through stress of sorts and whatever pressure is in your life is manifesting itself through your own mind.

Someone having your phone number means nothing. I'm sure most murderers know the people they kill very well. I doubt the average serial killer is collecting phone numbers online.

to be scared ALL the time is worrying for you but its easily dealt with IF you tell someone - I mean maybe a doctor for example. Whatever stress you feel, maybe its natural but the reaction to it ought not to be left untreated else it will get worse!

Don't worry though, millions of people go through the EXACT same process - it is scary as feeling fear on such a level is frightening when there is no recognisable thing to be scared about.

I'm glad you've at least come out with how you feel. I'm sure others will reassure you and point to what steps to take.

Have you told parents or relatives?

Hope your worries can be put at rest soon.


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I just feel sick!
I dont know, it feels like im going to have a panic attack or throw up. i just dont know.
i just want to lock myself away from the world and ppl and technology, and just be away from everything.
its times like this that everything seems to scary, and treatening. and my parents watching all these murder mystery shows and crap is not helping. but now there are soo many things that set off my panic.
Thank you everyone who has responded.
Yes, I think I am going to try to go to councilling, I cannot afford to go to a therapist. I wish I could.
the saddest thing is that finally I have the will to live and now I feel like my life is at stake all the time. I dont understand. I just want to not worry and be happy.
Will I ever be normal?
Will I ever just feel okay?


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Yes hun you will. Get whatever help you can. Once you start to feel a little more secure then you will be able to see just how strong your will to live is. Everything is just sort of muddle all together causing you confusion and anxiety. BUt you'll see once you can start being open about your fears and feelings with someone, things will start to look brighter. It will lift the weight you are trying so hard to carry all alone. Keep posting hun it can really help in the mean time :arms:
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