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Am I crazy?

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god where do i start? where's the beginning? did it start when i played with <edit moderator total eclipse name deleted> emotions? or when i pushed <edit moderator total eclipse name deleted> too far? because i did both of those things and more. i haven't been in a good mindframe lately. of and <edit mod total eclipse name deleted> never had anything but in my mind if was mine. mine to Fuck, mine to play with, mine to treat like shit. treat him how I've been treated. but in doing that I lost <edit mod total eclilpse name deleted> they're dating and I'm just the girl that lied. but i didn't lie not to them. i can't remember Sunday night. but i did something and blamed them for it. i don't remember sending the texts and they aren't on my phone. all i know is that they left me, and i wasn't expecting that. i don't know how to fix this. I'm fucken 18 yet i can't fix this simple thing, this game that's filled my head. god someone help me. I'm losing grip on what's right in front of me
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