Am I crazy..?

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  1. Kiba

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    ugh.. my brain.. I keep asking myself.. like..what is reality.. and are my dreams and what is going on even real? and I wonder wtf is wrong with me.. but I dont know.. Its ike.. Julia and I can both see this.. human changing.. its.. not just me but.. are we crazy? are we both insane? even my dad said.. he was seeing a lot of things change with life.. I just dont know.. and Its like its tormenting me.. every day..
  2. RonPSH

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    I've heard that the mind only processes about 2% of what is actually going on around us. Then when you consider all the stuff happening like radio waves that we can't see with our five senses, there is certainly a lot going on that we don't know about or aren't paying attention to.

    Then on top of that, we have unbelievable have you ever thought you saw someone you knew only to see that it's not the same person, as though you saw your memory of your friend's face projected onto the face you were looking at in real life?

    And then on top of that, we have this imagination that is so good that we wake from a dream and for a moment couldn't tell if it was real.

    And the real culprit in when we make habits out of ideas (ideologies, theologies) and those habits play out in our lives and we don't even realize why we do the stuff we do, like something is controlling us.

    It's definitely a mind warp! :)

  3. Kiba

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    I guess so.. Minds do have so much potential.. If you think ony 2% is really used right now.. I just wonder.. If we are taking in too much.. or using up more the (in a sense) 2% our cpu.. would it cause overloads? Or a slow system?

    I don't know.. My brain right now is so full.. with moving across country, past memories, and the world and my dreams of it and it's change and transformation...

    I think I need to lessen how much I have ruinning in my head.. I just wish i knew how. :(