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Am I Depressed or Not Depressed?

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Hello everyone I would like to know if I have early signs of depression or if I'm ok...lets start by describing what I think the symptoms are in me that I heard of as "depressive symptoms":sometimes I feel tired some part of the day but awake most of the time,I often put myself down but at some other times not too much I feel confidence just a little,I cry sometimes alone,but I can laugh alot at things people don't find normally funy like a really big big funny joyous laugh,I'm shy and can only really interact with friends I know and I really don't bother to try to get to know new people because I they might think I'm really wierd/stupid,I have suicidal thoughs,no attempts so far and have been abused physically and verbally before but still remember those memories and have brain washed me,and most of the times my self-esteem is low ie dancing with new people when it comes to activities like that.So what do you guys think?And I've lost interests in one of my activites that invovled alot of friends recently 2 times when I tried 2 times I lost interest 2 times as well and sometimes I'm very irritable.
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Hm.. have you tried the Burns Depression Checklist (top of the Depression Forum)? See where you stand vs. the rest of us! :-o

I'm glad you haven't attempted suicide yet.. and I hope you never will! Nice meeting you :hug:.
I scored 52 out of 100 for severe depression can this be treated simply by myself because if I tell anyone and if my parents find out they will freak alot cause there too over protective and make me mad most of the times.


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Depression is an illness. Would you try to heal yourself if you had cancer or would you go to someone who is qualified to help? Depression is best treated sooner rather than later... I would advise going to see your dr and worry about your parents later.


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I agree with shygirl. It's not something you can fix by yourself in most cases. I tried, and failed. I waited way to long to seek help. I felt to embaressed to step forward and admit it to anyone. Trust me, it's easier to get help now.

As far as your parents go, could you go to the one you most confide in and explain that your not feeling well and feel tired all the time and that you would like to go see a doctor for a check up. Then maybe you can have the help of the doctor to make sure your parents understand and don't freak out as bad.
Man I'm too scared I mean my parents and family they get soo mad and serious they won't understand anything for me to remember so I can go in?And will they prescribe an anti-depressant or something just wanna know.


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I would think that they would put you on something. Probably Lexapro or Paxil. I think those are the most popular at the moment.

Maybe since your too scared to confront your parents you can try and fight this for a little longer so you will have time to build your strength to confront them. There has to be something that will make you happy. For me, If I get busy working on a new project, anything hands on, then I get temporary happiness. Perhaps you can do something similar? At the same time though, make sure your not getting worse! If you do, you really need to talk to a professional.
Yea I think things are getting better for me now its like harder for me to cry now but something is just missing I need friends good friends in real life that care and aren't assholes like my current friends I have right now in real life,also I think my mom discourages me when I wanna make a stand on an event she just says the negative things that will happen maybe this is affecting me on my self-confidence (if she didn't I would have so many friends right now)
Mom's are just like that. They try to protect you and caution you of all the bad things that can happen. But like my therapist says, you have to go thru some bad things to get good things in life. I don't know away around your mom. My mom still tells me negative stuff like that and I'm 26 yrs old. I've learned though that when I'm not sure about something, I'll see the positives out of it, but because I want it so bad, I'll go to her to get the down side of it. In other words, I'm using her advise objectively rather than making it personal.

As far as friends.... I know what you are talking about I'm 26 and I've NEVER had a best friend whom I could hang out with all the time and trust. I've had a friend or two along the way, but nothing all that great.

Sometimes life just sucks. There's no way around it. It can last days or years. We just have to find a way to make the best of what we got.


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Hmm, not to give you lack of hope, but maybe you have bi-polar or something. It sounds like you may have a lot of ups and downs...scoring a 52 then a 23 in less then a week? Would you say that often happens? Anyway, I place very little bearing on things like the Burns Depression Checklist and I'm not a doctor and am in no way qualified to diagnose so don't take me saying bi-polar is a diagnoses, just something for you to think about.

I don't know how old you are, but if you're over 18 you could be treated without your parents having to know. My parents are the same way and I keep the fact that I am in therapy from them.

A doctor might not always prescribe meds. Mild depression can be treated with only therapy and no medication I think. Although I wouldn't call having thoughts of suicide mild (even though you never intend on doing it)

Even though your parents are overprotective, I'm sure you could find a way to explain that depression is like any other sickness and that they would understand. You should talk to a doctor or therapist about being properly diagnosed if those thoughts of suicide continue though.
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