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am i developing schizophrenia? (please read)

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by poison, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    so, since about early or mid summer, i've been struggling with depersonalization (likely drug induced, more on that later) and for about a month, general anxiety. the anxiety is pretty bad and it's usually over NOTHING. i don't know what i'm worried about, i'm just really scared and worried about seemingly nothing. i am definitely scared of losing connection to reality/developing psychosis but is that really enough to trigger this intense anxiety? many times, i'm afraid i'm going to suddenly lose it and just start to hear and see things. it's a terrifying feeling.

    allow me to note that the anxiety is a recent feeling... maybe a month or two in. the DP is a different story. i had dissociative episodes a few years back which lasted for a minute and happened randomly throughout the day. they resolved themselves and went away quickly. i nearly forgot all about them.

    after having a bad experience with ecstasy laced with a dissociative (may) and two scary experiences with marijuana (not laced, june and july), i'm more than willing to bet that these bad experiences are connected to my current mental state. problems with DP started occurring in late june or mid-july, i believe.

    i am seeing a psychiatrist. he wrote it off as anxiety and depression. prescribed lexapro for the depression but i stopped taking it, prescribed klonopin for social anxiety and it's a good med, i like it and have kept taking it. i am too scared of what his answer might be if i bring up schizophrenia but he knows all about my other problems, so if he honestly thought i might have had it, he would've made the diagnosis... right?

    now, to connect these symptoms... i think my DP greatly magnifies my anxiety. it's an uncomfortable feeling and it's all the worse when i think it's building up to schizophrenia. :/ another weird thing that has only been occurring recently is that when i talk, it's like my voice repeats in my head. no other sound does this, just my speech. the words kind of reverberate in my head and it's a really weird sensation, pretty hard to describe, too. if i had to dub it under a term, i'd label it "mental feedback."

    can anyone with schizophrenia experience point me in the right path? i'm so concerned i'm developing it; it's ruining my life and causing a LOT of stress in an otherwise good moment for me. i have slowly been overcoming my social anxiety, haven't been too depressed, i'm doing better in school, etc.

    (also, just to note, i've never hallucinated. never felt, heard, seen, etc anything that wasn't there. i do get really worried about it but i've never had it happen. i have never had delusions, either.)
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Drugs can bring on a psychotic episode drug indused ones. The only one who can help you really is your psychiatrist he or she willbe able to diagnose you properly if you are not happy with the diagnosis ask for second opinion. The more you use drugs the more chance schizophrenia can develop especaillay if you have it in the family already i hope you can get some clear answers from your doc okay be open and tell him everything you told us here take care
  3. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    the onset of drug induced psychosis is much faster, usually within 72 hours of the experience. the prodrome of schizophrenia can last years as the person loses functioning and their symptoms worsen.

    my pdoc will not be able to diagnose me 100% accurately either. schizophrenia gets misdiagnosed all the time (it's mistaken for things as simple as social anxiety), so i was looking for someone with personal experience to offer their insight and evaluation.

    ideally, if i AM developing it, i'd like to treat it in the early stages; defeat it before the psychosis comes through so i can live a completely normal life and not have to worry about it.

    edit: i have zero family history of schizophrenia.
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