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Am I gaslighting myself?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Athnys, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Athnys

    Athnys Well-Known Member

    If this isn't the right board, I apologize.

    I should preface this thread for any respondents by saying that I have virtually no self-esteem or self-confidence, and I always doubt myself. I always seem to feel like I'm more likely to make a mistake than do something right. For instance, each week I go to the American Legion to play bingo with my father, and if I'm close to having a bingo or if I have one, I always have to look at the board to confirm that I have the right numbers marked before I call bingo or I doubt that I marked my cards accurately.

    Yesterday I drove my mother to see her sister, and along the way a person ran a stop sign, right into my path. I stopped in time to avoid hitting the person, and he drove on. I did not have a stop sign and was not required to stop, and the person who ran the stop sign was supposed to stop and yield to me the right of way. Yet for the next several minutes I was absolutely certain that I did run a stop sign myself and that it was my own carelessness which caused me to have the close call.

    I even looked in my rear-view mirror as I continued along and thought I saw a stop sign and white stopping strip behind me where I should have stopped. Even though my mother tried to convince me that I was not in the wrong at all and that there wasn't a sign, I still doubted myself. When I went back that way several hours later, I looked to see if there was a stop sign for me--and there wasn't.

    What caused me to imagine something that wasn't there? Is there a way to fix this in myself? The route I took yesterday was one I had driven--and been driven--down many times and I should have been familiar with everything along the way.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    I think we all second guess ourselves sometimes, but if it interferes, then maybe talk to someone about it...J
  3. ExtraSoap

    ExtraSoap Well-Known Member

    low self-esteem is not uncommon, i have it, too, in the same severity as you, too, if not worse. It's not too big a deal, but i may just be used too it
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