Am i going crazy?????

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    Today at school i was in my science lesson when my mate said hi to some one and called them a communist because the country they come from is a communist country and for some reason i burst out laughing i have no idea why and i couldnt stop anything her and my other mate said just made me laugh harder and they kept telling me off because i was rocking in my chair i dont know why i was doing this i couldnt control myself and my friends were either side of me pretending to be an angel and devil talking in my ear as though they were voices in my head winding me up trying to say i was mad but for some reason them doing that made me feel worse and i felt like crying it was a horrible feeling the only way i can explain it is by saying that it felt like i was trapped inside my own head it felt so bad and i felt like i had gone so nuts and i just wanted to breakdown and cry i wanted to know if anyone had felt like this or if i am just going crazy????
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    I don't think you're going crazy! Everyone has one of those moments when they laugh at something they shouldn't be laughing at, y'know? Of course, that happens to me a lot, then I want to breakdown and cry, because I feel bad for what I did.