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Am I missing something?

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I have been to two therapists and neither have helped. The first one depressed me even more, in fact I tried to off myself after an appointment. The second one seemed to want to focus on things other than my depression.

I've also been on two different anti-depressants and all they did was make me gain weight which only makes me more depressed.

I need to do something because this is no way to live, but I just don't know what to do. What else can I try?


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Did the first one say something that triggered this suicidal response, maybe wanting to explore something that you weren't ready for?
Therapy is not a quick fix.
When there is an underlying factor to your depression, such as a repressed memory etc. Your self preservation mode will kick in and you will resist the therapy with everything you've got.
Therapy is hard and painful but worth the fight.
i was wondering the same thing, was there a particular trigger with the first one.

it took me a year in therapy, twice a week, for me to stop feeling suicidal. even now, sometimes, there are triggers. but i'm quicker to recognize them and we talk them through.

and a bunch of different medications until they figured out i was bipolar and needed to be on a mood stabilizer, not an anti depressant. if you have tried a bunch of anti-dep and none work (more than two are needed i think to say you've tried a bunch), make sure they eliminate bipolar from your diagnosis.


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Try more therapists. I have had a minimum of six therapists throughout my life, and don't have enough fingers to count the medications I've tried.

Steer the conversation to something you want to talk about in therapy. Mental health care professionals work for you, you don't work for them.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy might be an avenue to consider, if there are any therapists in your area versed in such treatment.

There is no quick fix, unfortunately.
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