am I missing the point

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    he psychiatrist wrote a letter to my counsellor...he says I need to talk about the se*ual ab*se, and also that I have the onset of an eating disorder... I'm not small and skinny, I'm fat and tall one look at me you can see I don't have an eating disorder..yes I don't like eatin in front of people, yes I will make myself sick if I've over eaten, and yes some days I won't eat, but htf can that be an eating counsellor asked if I wanted info on eating disorders, why would I..I'm fat period ~ I don't like food period ~ I want to lose weight period. and now.

    Its appretenly to do with control, maybe it is I don't have control anywhere is my life, I can't walk down a street with out man leaching at me, I want to be small and I missing the point here?

    I know I'm FAT. FAT, UGLY and I HATE IT SO I'm doing something about it.