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Am I really bisexual?

So, here's the deal:
I'm a 17 year old girl, and I've know I'm bisexual since I was 15.
But the thing is, I know I'm interested and attracted to girls, but I've never really been in a relationship with one.
I had a little crush on a friend of mine, but never really told her cause I was afraid that she would freak out or something. She knew I was bisexual cause it's not something I try to hide, but it could ruin our friendship just the same.
So, can I really say that I'm bisexual if I've never had a relationship with a girl or even kissed one? Is that weird?


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By 17 many people have not been in ANY relationship. But you can still be pretty sure of your orientation. I consider myself bisexual but don't expect to ever so much as kiss a guy, but it could happen if I were to meet the right one...


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well its just like heterosexuals. they can be heterosexual and be attracted to the opposite sex only without ever having been in a relationship or kissed anyone.
its just what you feel attracted to

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