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Am I really depressed?

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I have never admitted to myself that I am depressed.

Usually I'm just sad, but everyone can be sad, but that doesn't make them depressed? Sometimes I get sad and angry which makes me think of suicide.

But sometimes I can be happy. It might be false but I can be kind of happy, just not that happy. So am I really depressed or am I just sad and angry because of the world around me.


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Depression feels like a gloomy mask that is over all of one's life...if you are concerned that you are depressed, please talk to someone and find out what is going on...that way, you will have an understanding how to deal with your feelings...all the best, J
I don't really think you need to or even can label when someone is "just sad" or "depressed". You're here, so it looks like you want some help to feel better or just to feel like you're not alone? I hope you find that.

I often feel as you do, that I can be seemingly happy one day and then I'm crying myself to sleep the next, which confuses me.


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^^ A lot of what Harlow said, don't get hung up with any kind of 'tags', doesn't matter if you're depressed or at what level or if you have some other diagnosis, as long as you know that you have some problems and are trying to work on them then that's good enough, don't worry about being labelled as depressed or whatever.
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