Am I really that friendless?

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  1. ay23

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    Hey all,

    this is my first time posting here so here goes...every time i talk to friends/acquaintances is probably the more apt word, everyone seems to have such an active social life. even one of the only 2 people that i count amongst my true friends right now seems to have a lot going on in her life. is it me or is it everyone else as it is nearly the end of the winter holidays now and i've only gone out twice and both times it was for academic purposes? i've been like this so much in my life that it is normal for me now but is it normal for everyone else?

    thanks for all your help in advance,
  2. SaraRose

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    If it helps except for today to spend a gift card the only time I've left my apartment is to go to work. :/ I know whatcha mean though. I think it's normal for a large amount of people. :snake:
  3. ay23

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    Yeah, it seems that all I do is work, college and then more work...I am content enough with my way of life but every time I think about it, I wish I had more on. I wish I had friends to go to for not even a night out but something!!
  4. SaraRose

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    I know how you feel. I tend to hate FB mainly cuz of that. My friends all have moved away for jobs so now I'm stuck alone. :/ Not that great but I do find here to kinda help. People here help me kill the time HEHE!
  5. ay23

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    Yeah, I don't even have Facebook and didn't even have that many friends to begin with. I like the anonymity of the internet because it encourages to let it all out but it lacks that personal presence which is a shame. Although I have acquaintances at college, no-one seems to ever invite me out and associate me with going out. I know that someone has to make the first move in relationships but it always seems to be me. All those drunken nights out that people talk about, I never have them and I guess the grass look greener on the other side. It is kinda disheartening
  6. BrinkOfExistence

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    Last friday was the first time i'd been to the pub at night....ever, it was boring but i'm doing again tomorrow but only because it's my aunt's birthday. Also it's been about 4 years since i went to a friends house,only because that was the last time i had a proper friend, I don't get out much, well i do but only to go to the shop.
  7. Obsessive

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    I've never even had any friends my entire life except one online. Occasionally I hung out with other social outcasts, but they usually treated me like crap or just wanted me to do whatever they wanted with them. My one friend is currently blitzing through college toward his dream job, and is already happily married, so it won't be long before he becomes too involved with his highly successful life. I never did understand why someone as smart as him even bothered with me.
  8. dan_b

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    and there was me thinking i was the only one. at school i was bullied for the way i looked, the clothes i wore (parents did not have much money). when i moved to the senior school i moved away from all the ppl that bullied me. thinking that i could start a fresh. only to get into a fight one day, stuck up for my girlfriend at the time who was taking a lot of abuse from a large group of kids from the year above us. after an hour of the abuse i snapped and hit the guy in the middle of the coward. only to find out the next day he was the aba boxing champ. so from then on my life at school was crap. again being bullied and the school would not do anything about it. so after i left school i ended up working on a travelling fair ground when it camr to my town. one time a fight broke out next to the ride i was working on. i told them to move away from the ride as it was about to start and i was just thinking of the safety of the people on the ride. about 10mins later the people having the fight came back to the ride and started on me. it was the same person whom i had the fight with at school. agin this had a knock on effect with my life due it going to court (the others in the fight where girls and where beaten badly) i'd get called a grass when i walked into a pub etc. when to this day i still wont go into pubs. i find it hard to talk to people. nd when i do i feel as if nobody is listening to me. i dont have any interests in life apart from going to the gym. i have no convedence to talk to anybody. christmas this year was a nightmare for me spent it alone.
  9. Null

    Null Well-Known Member

    for most of my life I only had 1 or 2 "friends" at a time. Even with my friends I felt pretty much like an outcast in social situations. It hurt a lot. I remember being at a party with some acquaintances and "friends" trying to talk to them... It was so hard to feel unconnected to everyone. I gave up trying to be social and tried to help the drunk guy that was throwing up on himself... I guess I sympathized with him at that moment.

    Currently I have no friends and 3 acquaintances. I live to work. I go home, work, grocery store. I don't get calls, I don't get texts (other than spam), I don't get ims, I dont get emails, I dont get facebook posts... nothing from people, I guess Ive just accepted it as life for me. I haven't been out since... to hang out with someone in years.
  10. windlepoons

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    I have an ex, that's all. My only real friend killed herself earlier this year.
    I have no friends because I am empty of interest, of things that would make people want to talk to me.
  11. Petal

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    I have very few friends, and I don't have those drunken nights out that you talk about-I can't drink anyway, it makes me suicidal. Just know that you're not alone :hug: