Am I really THIS awful of a person??? SO CONFUSED!

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    So…I really don’t know where to start. I feel bad for bringing this up AGAIN but, people bringing crap up (like my problem with a friend of mine) IS my problem, so I guess I am just going to come out with it. Ok so…I am basically hearing about 4 different stories about this one friend of mine and its frustrating me sooo bad, I just want to scream. I want to believe my friend but, when I have like a dozen other people on my ass telling me different things, it just gets harder and harder to believe him. Do you know what I mean? Like he (my friend) is saying he likes me but he is just tired of dealing with my issues. His sister is saying he doesn’t hate me I just need to back off a little. Logical right? WRONG, cause I have my friends best friend sending me hate mail and telling me that my friend (lets call him BOB) hates me and thinks I am a psycho bitch. So I just said, to BOB that I will leave him alone during fall break and maybe we will talk about it later. And then I later said to BOB, that we can be friends but, I don’t want people to know because I want to avoid as much drama as possible. Well the next day I said that (to BOB) my friend “Thomas” said that I “shouldn’t say that I don’t want to be friends to BOB and then text him afterwards.” So apparently BOB is telling people when I text him and what I say in my text. And BOB is still acting all innocent on the matter and its making me mad, I really like BOB he’s so cool and funny to be around. I just wanted to know am I the cause of the drama? Who should I believe? Like BOB’s sister keeps saying just drop it but, THOMAS is the one who keeps bringing it up and its fuckin pissin me off sooo damn bad!!!! I don’t think the issues or whatever it is between me and Bob has anything to do with Thomas. GRRRR.
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    I'd be upset at BOB myself for sharing texts like that. :mad: How angering.