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Am I slightly abusive?

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I get really angry at some of the shit that happens to me, and I think I take it out on her. Most of the time, we get along just fine, but sometimes I'll be downright rude to her. Just now I snatched a bag of chips out of her hand, and sometimes I'll rudely just sort of bump her out of my way when I walk around the house.

Once when I was really upset I kicked her in the knee.

I really don't think I'm the greatest son. And I know the way a man treats his mother is indicative of how he treats his future partner.
It's good that you are thinking about these things

Just the fact that you recognize the problem and are trying to be a better person is something really positive

I think that it may help if your mom knows that you realize that this is a problem and you don't want to behave this way


I hope that you can work it out


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Your a good son - your thinking about how your own depression can impact on others - and it CAN be bad if emotional outbursts are aimed at those we love.

You have recognised in yourself something that is wrong - but its easy to correct it especially when you are aware of it.

Many mothers are treated in a terrible manner by sons and daughters who maybe have nobody else to express their anger and own self hate at.

Are you suffering from depression?

If so then its worth mentioning your anger - if not the details.

Apologise to your mum also - even a £1 box of chocs from the pound shop is something - that and a nice kiss.

You've manned up on your self - well done brother!!

Get some help if you are not already doing so.

Regards and respect.
i think u know the answer to yr. question... yes... slightly...

a therapist can help you learn to manage yr frustration. it's not good to take it out on someone else, whether that's mom, a pet, a girlfriend.
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